Sunday, November 8, 2015

Quilty mojo - found again!

What to do, what to do....   I needed to get my Michael Miller Glitz Fabric Challenge in gear as the deadline looms.  I've been mulling it over for awhile and decided I loved the "Improv Under the Influence" designed by Krista Hennebury aka  PoppyPrint  (  ).  I'm a fan of improv and this design looked like fun to make and so I jumped in.

Here's the link to Krista's quilt:

So it begins....

And then there was cutting....  (I added splashy colors...)

And some sewing and ironing.....

And then it started coming together.  

Movies played while working on this : Moonstruck ( one of my favorites, haven't watched in a long time) and Possession.  Clearly these were good choices as my quilting mojo was in full bloom.  I love how this has turned out.  Got my top done - will be quilting it this week.