Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Deadlines make wonderful catalysts....

I've got a couple of looming deadlines for quilting in front of me.  Why is it I need the pressure of "the deadline" to find my creativity?

To go from this pile of ..."jambalaya"' to a quilt?    My process needs some pressure to make it congeal.

I had some ideas (and put some pressure on myself) and got down to business.  

My process is not always a straight arrow.  I was going in a direction....but then I veered off on another path...   We'll see how that turns out....

I'm linking up with Lee for her Work in Progress Wednesday -over at FreshlyPieced blog - check her out.  She's a fantastic quilter!

If you have a chance, check out  Crumb-plosion....Click to visit   I love her design!!      Also, check this link out.  A very humbling story and a beautiful memory.