Saturday, March 31, 2018

Curated Quilts Triangles Mini challenge

Tada!  Here's my submission for Curated Quilts latest mini challenge.  Sizing up at 11.25 by 11.25 inches - it's much smaller than I usually make but it seemed to be just the right size for this project.   I enjoy their contests because they've been mini's and they have some criteria (color, feature, etc) so it's not an overwhelming endeavor.  Plus - it helps you grow as an artist.

You can find this and many other submissions here:

Curated Quilts

The colors this time were:

Pool blue, lime green, orange, light pink, berry pink and plum purple - descriptors not actual color names, and prints are always welcome. The quilt should use triangles and be square.

I think I'm calling this one Refraction.  I like the quilting lines inside the triangle and it reminds me of a prism a little bit.

I used a pale pink, lime green, mulberry, and orange thread in the quilting.

What are you working on today?
Happy stitching,

Friday, March 30, 2018

Mad for Solids 2018 - Go check it out!!

What I made with my collection

If you need inspiration or just need some guidance - go check out @PBstudios on Instagram.  They have been hosting a contest where 16 people chose color sets of 8 fabrics.  Each day, two sets are pinned against each other in a fierce battle for color domination.  You can help - vote for your favorite.  I'm in the mix and I've been lucky enough to make it to the final four.  I can assure you.....this will be the only final four I'm watching this year (hahaha - just not much of a basketball fan).  So go take a look and enjoy the eye candy.  And don't forget to vote - there will be a fabric prize given to participants!!

PBStudio Fabrics blog

Heirloom Opal collection

Happy Stitching and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Slow stitching....relaxing at the end

Heirloom Opal Bracelet is done!  I adore the colors and am very pleased with my finished wall hanging.  There's something very satisfying about hand sewing the binding.  Usually, I rip through binding and sew it completely on by machine but this one demanded quiet attention and sewing on by  hand.  Have you got a favorite piece of jewelry?  Maybe you could create a quilt around it.

Did I make you think of an opal?
love these binding clips...

slow and steady....

almost done....

Ahhhh.  Complete.  
Heirloom Opal Bracelet
31' x 21

Hope you've enjoyed watching the progress.  Onto something new....

Monday, March 26, 2018

Drum roll please..... Introducing.... Felicia

Felicia (not the cat - that would be Ping photobombing!!) joined the family last week.  A dear quilting friend sold me her "extra" Featherweight...  She had four.  Let me back up here...  

I was at my quilting gang's annual retreat and one of them mentioned she was thinking about selling a couple of sewing machines.  I didn't think much about that - I own 4 sewing machines myself but when she started telling us the story about how her family members had these Featherweights and as they got older or passed - the younger members didn't sew, etc., etc., spider senses were on DEF CON 5......  So then she says the magic words...  I think I'm interested in selling two of them.   Simultaneously-me and another in my gang YELLED OUT - "I want one!!!".  I think two people fell out of their sewing chairs from the abrupt yelling and commotion....

She was definitely surprised and said if we were interested (my gosh - did I need to yell it any louder?) that she would bring them to our retreat house the next day.  So she did.  And just like that - she sold two machines.  

I chose the name Felicia because she'll be my retreat / class machine.  So, she'll be traveling.  And you know what people always are saying...   Bye, Felicia.  Only when they say it to my Felicia, it will be out of love and happiness and not in sarcasm.  Cause ....there's no sarcasm in sewing (LOL).

P.S.---- oh my there are so many things out on the internet about these machines.  And I've been in full learning mode.  It's been SO much fun.  She sews like a dream.  She's in EXCELLENT condition - I am so lucky and honored.  
Ping was so jealous - she had to photo bomb Felicia AGAIN!!

Ignore that my thread isn't threaded correctly here - just wanted a shot of the fabulous stitching.

And - in other news....  Heirloom Opal Bracelet is coming along nicely.  She's under the machine right now - waiting for me to return and finish my quilting.
Sorry for the poor lighting - the flying geese are shades of silver grey and the purple is more warm than cold

This color is closer to the real shade.

Slowly coming along with my quilting.  Using Aurifil 40 wt (didn't have any 28 wt in this color)

It will be a wall hanging - probably around 36 x 22 or so.  I plan on very heavy quilting.  The colors of fabric are beautiful - all Paintbrush Studio solids (Painters Palette Solids).  I got my fabric from Pineapple Fabrics.  They have all the colors and are a great enabler for most of your quilting needs...

You can find them here:

Pineapple Fabrics

If you'd like to know what colors I used they are:

016 - Pale Silver
104 - Aluminum
080 - Amethyst
008 -  Royal
025 -  River
100 -  Aruba
098 - Cyan
072 - Honeydew
076 - Apple Green
093 - Android

Check out @pbstudio for the Mad for Solids contest each day.  I won my last bracket and I think  may be back up on the contest later today.  Vote for your favorite and you'll also get a chance for free fabric!!

Happy Quilting from me and Felicia!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

VOTE on your favorite colors!

Today is the day I'm in the bracket for showing off my color group, Heirloom Opal which was inspired by the opal shown above.

Go visit PaintBrush Studio Fabrics at the locations below and you can vote at each one. 

@PBStudios   (their IG handle)

I'm working on a design that represents a silver bracelet with an opal on it.  The colors are just luscious and I hope I'm capturing the mysterious sparks and flashes of color you see in an opal.  I'm still working out the design (ahem....I've been doing some seam ripping today and after reviewing my photos this evening...just saw another mistake!!) but I'm getting close.  Sorry for the poor photography - I'm at a quilt retreat and the lighting isn't the best.

Can you catch my goof up here?

I'm using two shades of silver (not shown in my palette) to represent the bracelet.  I'll share all the color choices individually when I'm finished.  

Whether you find my color group your favorite or Stephanie's (@spontaneousthreads) - enjoy the eye candy and vote.


Monday, March 19, 2018

The colors of an Australian Boulder Opal

These colors have always been my favorites.  My very favorite is green but purple, turquoise, and blues follow.  I think this photo is mesmerizing in the way the colors just melt from one to the next.  I am working on a project using my selection of colors from PBStudio fabrics.  My color group is called Heirloom Opal and I hope you'll see my vision.

I wanted to be able to capture the sparkle so I'm working in small pieces.  I've grown very fond of large HST's and such but I know the tiny tedious quarter square triangles and three quarter triangles will be the way to accomplish my goal.

This was one of my renditions but I've changed it since then and I'm much happier.  Follow me for the next few days as I create my Heirloom Opal design.....

Also - tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/20) is my turn at the Mad For Solids contest.  Check it out here and join in on the fun!!  And don't forget to vote for your favorite each day!

                                                       What are your favorite colors?
Happy St. Patty's Day!  I loved all the green!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Paintbrush Studio - Perfectly pleasing Painter’s Palette

Its March - which means it’s  for Paintbrush Studio’s Mad for Solids event.  I am honored to be in the company of some great artists and we’ve been given the dream job of selecting 8 colors from PBStudio’s luscious palette.  I love working with solids but if you’ve ever been unsure about working with them- this event is custom made for you.  I know many people struggle with choosing colors.  This is a super way to see color combos that might spark your creative juices.

Mad for Solids is a contest where PBStudio highlights two artists per day and their color palettes.  You get to vote on your favorite.  And just like the March Madness sports bracket- the winners get paired up until we wind up with one winner.  This year is especially exciting as PBStudio is giving away Palette bundles- so not only do you have fun voting- you could win some fabric.  Go check it out!

Here’s a link to the page where you’ll find the daily contest:    Mad for Solids contest