Saturday, November 7, 2015

*******HUGE NERD Alert.....This is a Quilting Public Service Announcement

Why have I not done this before?  I HIGHLY recommend that you take a few moments and go through the exercise of sewing test strips of the thread that you use regularly ( and even some not so regularly).  I realize now how I was cheating my quilting by using thinner weight thread.  I kind of ignored the many times I'd heard how the weights made such a difference.  I LOVE the heavier threads and it wasn't until I did this that I really could see the difference (see also : the stove is hot - don't touch experiment).

My favorite thread of choice is Aurifil.  I was lucky enough to meet Alex Veronelli in person.  He's Mr. Aurifil - and if you've been at any big quilt show - you've probably seen him.  He gave a wonderful presentation about how Aurifil is made.  (I love those shows on TV about how things are made....  so this presentation was RIGHT up my alley)   The quality is evident if you've ever had a chance to sew with it ...and seeing how it's made - I understand why.

Here I am - mugging for the camera and showing off my quilt top to Alex.  

So do yourself a favor.  Make one of these handy little tools and get educate yourself about thread weight.  And change your needles frequently....  but that's another PSA for a later date....