Friday, November 20, 2015

Backing it up....

So the pressure is on to get my last two entries for QuiltCon 2016 completed.  I'm going to be making the back of the larger entry and then getting on with the quilting.  Here's my's titled: Quilt Deathstar.    I'm not necessarily a huge Star Wars fan but my dear friend Fairly Merry Blog or @FairlyMerry suggested the name....and she's pretty quilt intuitive so I'm using it.

I've got some ideas on the quilting design - there's lots of negative space which I love...  But the back of the quilt is just as important as the front (in my opinion).  While I don't think I need to make another quilt.... I just like the back to be fun or interesting, too.  Here are some of the elements that didn't make the cut on the quilt top that I will incorporate into the back:

An example of a fun back, I'll show you a quilt from 2011.  It's one of my favorites.  I asked my quilt gang, The QuiltSluts (there's a story there.... I'll share another time...), to each make a beach house on some off-white fabric on 4 inch blocks.  I saw a quilt made like that (I can't remember the author to credit them but will find it and update this later) and I ADORED it...  So everyone made me a block and I added a few more to create my top.  I added enough fabric around the 4 inch house block to make it 12.5 inches.  I wanted the quilt to be soft looking so when I added the borders (it really needed more than just the blocks) I came up with the off-white and soft grey piano key finish.  This isn't the best photo - I'll have to take this one outside and give it some photographic justice this weekend. 1am - this is the best I can do.

I adore the little houses - here are a few to show off:

And a little closer shot of the border:

And finally, the back:

And a close up of the label.  I enjoy making the labels, too.

My husband and I grew up in South Carolina.  I love the Low Country.....  The label is kind of a nod to Darius Rucker and his album (so you can guess what era I was born in with the reference to "album" vs. CD) Charleston, SC 1966.

So enough pop culture history today, let's go make that back and get done!!!!  Let me know what your favorite part of the quilt process is?  Have you made a cool back?