Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Urban planning: paving roads and installing landscaping

I'm being featured on Midweek Makers!!  Check Susan's blog out!

It's on the machine... quilting is under way.  I worked two elements so far - the major thoroughfare and the green space in the top quadrant.  I like it so far.

Well, I like except where I quilted the building - that part will get unsewn.   Not loving how that worked out but I have another idea and I'll work on that tonight.  My "unsewing" will be more beautifully worked now.  I have a new tool...

Doesn't this make my hand look luxurious?

I picked this beauty up at the MidAtlantic Quilt Fest in Hampton, Va., this weekend  (on IG look for #MAQF or #midatlanticquiltfest for some GREAT photos).  I LOVE it.  The seam ripper or stiletto pops in and out.  The show was nice - I had two quilts hanging in the Modern Quilt Exhibit:

Facebook pose...

My buddies were taunting me about not touching the quilt.  It's mine... I'll lick if I want...  I was a little afraid one of the white gloved quilt police was going to bum rush me and knock me to the ground...

My dear friend Mary Menzer aka Fairly Merry, also had three quilts hanging on won a ribbon!!

This quilt DOES NOT photograph well...  It's GORGEOUS but the lighting and background washed it out here.  Different Drummer

Forgive this older photo of this quilt....  This is Quilt it Wright.  It won the ribbon - go to her website and read the story about this quilt.  It's incredibly interesting.  And - the quilt has such depth of color - I'm afraid I didn't capture it here either...

Have you been to any good shows lately?

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