Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vote for me!!!! There's fabric involved!!

As if you haven't had enough election coverage's one more decision for you to consider...  Voting for me and my fabric collection!!

 I am COMPLETELY honored and thrilled to have been chosen to participate in March Madness!!  The contest is being generously hosted by a Kansas based fabric company producing cotton under both the Fabri-quilt and Paintbrush Studio names.  They have a blog called Inspired by Fabric.

My palette of colors is called CARNIVAL.  Remember that and that my name is Shelley because I need you to vote for me at Inspired by Fabric by using the fabric palette and my name.  So... Carnival and Shelley.  (It's a well known advertising premise that if you repeat the information three times - folks are more likely to remember so ....Carnival and Shelley..... should be wafting through your subconscious right now.... or just make it easy on yourself and right that down!).  I have some VERY tough competition -this is going to be a fun event so make sure and check them all out.  I know I'm a total push over for staring at fabric so I'm thinking this will be some great eye candy for you and a nice opportunity to drool over some great fabric.

VOTE HERE:                  Inspired by Fabric

So when someone get to choose 8 colors, you think...hey- this will be easy.  HA!!!  

Carnival collection by Shelley 

I needed inspiration and since it's finally warming up where I live - Spring popped in my head.  The usual suspects came to mind:  
  1. The chance to wiggle your toes in the sunshine (need pedicure ASAP).  
  2. The ability to be outside without multiple layers of clothing (oh dear---where did those extra 5 lbs come from?).  
  3. Looking for crocuses to pop their pretty purple heads up or waiting for daffodils to remind me of which varieties my beds are graced (you know, I think dandelions are pretty, too).  
  4. And, the fun that the children have when they get to play outside as the days grow longer (hallelujah - send those kids outside for awhile!!).   
  5. Growing up near the ocean, the carnivals would reopen and the smell of funnel cakes and cotton candy would be thick in the air.... (hmmm- is that where my addiction to sugar began?)
  6. All of my senses were involved in my final selection (and now I'm wishing I had a funnel cake to nibble on while I write this...).
I had to select 8 colors out of a beautiful lineup of possibilities.  Isn't that cruel.  It's like saying you can only have 8 TINY bites of an enormous chocolate cake!  The fabric is luscious and supple and sewing up beautifully.  I'll be working with Carnival to create a beautiful wall hanging size piece to hand in my studio.  I want to remind myself throughout the year of the sweetness of spring.  

My design is inspired by Frank Stella's Protractor Variation series.  With his focus on line, shape, color, and composition...I can't help wondering if he'll ever try his hand at quilting.  His work is so easily translated into quilting - it just seems perfectly aligned.  Here's a photo with Frank and one of the more iconic Protractor designs.

But .....check out the particular design I've chosen....  

Isn't this gorgeous??  I'll be showing my work later today...stay tuned for updates.

(Carnival and Shelley)
(and thank you!!)

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****update - here's the progress on my Frank Stella inspired block with my Carnival palette.  Check back for the process and finish.

And here's my work from last night...aren't these gorgeous!