Monday, June 6, 2016

Flying high!!

Busy busy busy....but not all sewing things.  So what I have managed to squeeze in lately has been some really satisfying projects.

1.  I love the beach.  Grew up on the coast of South Carolina - and I just love the beach.  So as soon as it warms up just'll find me there regularly.

Here's a photo of my daughter who joined me on a beach walk recently:

And here's the quilt this photo inspired:

I used a modern approach to the design and used quilting to complete the vibe.  I was very pleased with the result.  I'll be entering this in a contest soon.  They are looking for things that represent the Hampton Roads area and it's hosted by our Virginia Beach Library system (I think - I need to read the details on all of that...).

2.  My daughters and I are major dumpster divers/ thrift store junkies  fans of vintage, gently used items.  Ok, truth be told - we're obsessed with haunting the Goodwills and thrift stores.  We've scored MAJOR lately with none other than a Singer 99K and a Bernette 440.  Each was $45.  I nearly peed my pants.  Of course, my dear husband is not convinced I need more than one sewing machine....but he's just crazy like that.  The Singer is in BEAUTIFUL condition and the Bernette looked equally as cared for.  My youngest daughter will be learning to sew on the Bernette.  It's perfect to learn on.

Bernette 440.  It's so need sunglasses to view it.

Singer 99K.  Am a I a lucky girl or what!!

3.   Our lovely niece and nephew had an adorable son recently.  The theme for his nursery is red, white, and blue and airplanes.  Here's my present for her, step by step...
I paper pieced the plane, flying geese, and NY Beauty blocks

step one: the center

Then comes the flying geese

Add some 4 patch blocks for interest

And finish off with NY Beauties

Glamour shot

So that's all I've got this week.  Enjoy quilting and the summer sun!!  What are you up to right now?
Check out the link parties in my side bar.  There are so many wonderful inspirational quilts and projects!!